About Wake & Shake

About the Wake & Shake

The Wake & Shake(tm) is not one particular style but a different approach to cutting hair. Like most hairstylists, Ian begins the cut as a precision haircut (Ian is Vidal Sassoon trained) but where other hairstylists then pick up a round brush and dryer and force a shape into the hair, Ian does not. It is the typical hairstylist’s ability to force a shape with the round brush that enables them to get away with an inferior cut. The client leaves the salon happy that day but after shampooing can never get the hair to look the same. That is because the stylist never really cut the shape into the hair. When you only cut hair wet – you are cutting blind. It is essential to cut dry as well.

Ian simply blows wet hair around using only his hand. It is only after the hair is dry that the critical cutting can be done. Now Ian can see the natural growth patterns and idiosyncrasies of your hair. Since he is not using a round brush, if he didn’t truly cut the shape in, you would not see it. The result is a truly superior cut.

For those clients with especially difficult growth patterns or wavy/curly hair, Ian recommends coming in with clean dry hair so that he may see the hair in it’s truest state.

With the Wake & Shake what you see is what you get.

Thin Hair and the Wake & Shake

The vast majority of my clients describe their hair as fine, thin and limp. For me, thin hair poses no special problems. For those of you losing hair, I usually can find a solution for you so that your scalp not appear to be balding.

Curly Hair and the Wake & Shake

The Wake & Shake works especially well with curly hair. I approach curly hair very differently than other types. I ask that you come in with clean dry hair. I will then cut a shape in your dry hair. After that I will rinse and go through the hair again to make sure that every hair is at least tipped so that any split ends are removed. Remember a split end can travel up the entire hair shaft. I will usually send you out with damp hair in as heat is a danger to curly hair. If the hair dries differently for you, I include a touch up cut at no additional charge within 7 business days. While this cut is the most labor intensive for me, the results make it super easy for you.

Thick Hair and the Wake & Shake

Not everyone knows how to cut thick hair. It’s one of the most difficult challenges facing any stylist, far more difficult than thin hair. Many stylists think they can simply “thin it.” Wrong. Thinning thick hair can make a thick head of hair even more unmanageable and bushy. Very thick hair can be quite difficult and must be approached in a completely different manner. The shape must be cut – carved from the outside to create a slimmer more stylish look. If your thick hair is a problem for you, come in for a free consultation, and I will suggest some solutions for your unique hair.

Long Hair and the Wake & Shake

Long hair needs to be trimmed at least once every 8 weeks to prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. While a true Wake & Shake cut is not possible if the hair falls too far below your shoulders. The longer/heavier your hair is, the weight of the hair drags out the style and shape. Ian can help you transition to a shorter style – that is – a shoulder length cut. For nervous clients Ian will cut your hair twice – first to any length – leaving it as long as you wish. Then within ten days Ian will recut it – at no charge- into a Wake & Shake. Ian simply asks that when you come for that second cut that you come in with clean hair – it need not be dry. Please note: Ian never round brushes or flat irons anyone’s hair.

Real People Wearing the Wake & Shake

On the right here you see Sydney Davis at home after shampooing and NO BRUSHING! I put a few foils in. The video link below is Mooshi Chapel. She has very fine, thin limp hair with deep recessions in the front which is why I advise her to bring a lot of her hair forward so as to not appear balding. She too received a few foils. Click on the following link: http://youtu.be/AACjhERc4xc

Also any time you see Wendy Ross on ABC Channel 7 weather – that’s a Wake & Shake color and cut. Wendy has enough hair for two clients; very very thick hair.

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